【謝謝聆聽】你知道 thanks for your listening 是錯的嗎?「感謝聆聽」的正確說法大解密! 還有更多英文簡報技巧都在這裡!

事實上,Thanks for your listening在「文法上」並沒有錯誤,但對母語者而言,卻是不符合「語言使用習慣的」(idiomatic),而”your”在這裡顯得十分多餘、過於累贅 (redundant),因而母語者聽起來會覺得不太自在。

所以去掉”your”後的“Thanks for listening”才是真正符合語言使用習慣 (idiomatic)的用法喔!


Thank you for listening.
Thanks for listening.


Thanks for your attention.


Thanks for your participation.


Thank you for coming here today.


Thank you for your patience.


上面的說法在語言的使用上會顯得更自然,而且講求細節的正確性,也能展現出講者的專業喔! 在專業的簡報場合,大家一聽就知道你一定是有用心準備過喔!

除了Thanks for listening外,還有許多經常使用在英文簡報出現的常用語,要發表英文簡報的你一定要看!




在簡報的開頭,自我介紹是很基本卻重要的,內容最好簡要的包括全名(full name)、職位(position)、所代表的公司(company you represent)。

1.    First, let me introduce myself. I am [name] from [company]. 首先,讓我自我介紹一下,我是…來自…公司(可以再加上職位)。

2.    Hello, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming… 嗨,先生女士,感謝你們的蒞臨…

3.    The topic of today’s presentation is… 今日簡報的主題是…


1.     Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all for being here. 各位先生女士,午安,很高興你們來到這裡。

2.    Hello! I’m so glad you could all be here today. 嗨,很高興你們今天都能來到這裡。


   方法 1 :  引出主題

1.      We’ve come here today to learn about…今天大家齊聚一堂,是要認識些…

2.      Today, I’d like to talk to you about…今天,我想和各位談談…

3.      I intend to give you an overview of ….我想就(…題目),向各位做個總結

4.      My focus will be on…我會把焦點放在

5.      This presentation will cover…這次簡報將涵蓋了…(主體)

6.      I intend to give you a brief overview of____ . 我想就____ 題目,向各位做個簡單的概述。

※方法2 : 介紹架構 (outline)

1.      I’d like to give you a brief outline of my presentation…我想給大家一個簡單的架構有關今日的簡報…

2.      Here is the agenda for the meeting…這是今日會議的議程…

3.      My presentation consists of the following parts…我的簡報主要由下面幾個部份組成…

4. The presentation is divided into four main sections…這次的簡報主要分為下列幾個部份…

※方法3 : 善用問題、故事、驚人的事實作為開頭

1.      I recently learned that…我最近才知道…

2.      While I was thinking about this speech, I was reminded of…當我在構思這場演說時,我想起了…

3.       The reason I’m so passionate about (主題) has to do with my experience as a young woman / man. While I was there, I witnessed….我會對 (主題) 有這麼大的熱忱,與我年輕時的經歷有很大的關係。我在那裡時,曾目睹…

4.       Have you ever wondered…各位是否想過…

5.       Imagine if you…試想一下,如果你….

6.      Can you even conceive of it? 你能想像嗎?


【職場的進擊】五個步驟讓你有個殺手級的開場白 (How to Do a Presentation – 5 Steps to a Killer Opener)


1.    一個有自信的介紹 Give a Confident Introduction

2.    給予你的憑證 Give Your Credentials

3.    釣住聽眾吸引力的關鍵句子 Deliver Your Hook

4.    介紹你的議程 Introduce Your Agenda

5.     給予一個可信的說法 Give a Credible Statement


1.     I cannot overstate the importance of this fact. 我必須特別強調此項事實的重要性

2.    We have to remember that …我們必須記得…


We have to remember that people are our most important resource.

3.      This is important because… 這點很重要,因為…


This is important because any marketing effort we put in now will help to boost demand for our products in the long run.

4.     The significance of this is…這點的重要性在於…

5.     This is the main point I want to make today: … 這是我今天想要提出的主要重點…

6.     Our focus must be… 我們的焦點必須放在…

(參考資料: Give an Amazing Business Presentation in English with These 25 Professional Phrases)


1.      In conclusion…總而言之

2.     I’d like to sum up the main points… 我想要以以下幾點為作總結…

3.     Let’s summarize briefly what we’ve looked at… 讓我們從…簡單做個總結

4.     In concluding my presentation today, I would like to emphasize the following.

5.     I’d like to conclude with a quote from… 我想要引用…的話作為結論

6.     From the developments reported above, I would like to make some concluding remarks for today’s presentation, which will hopefully shed some light on…

7.     Finally, I would like to make some closing remarks for today’s presentation.




1.     Thank you for your kind attention.

2.     Thank you for coming here today.

3.      Thank you for your patience.


※   邀請在場人士發問

1.   Does anyone have questions? 有人要提出任何問題嗎?

2.   Are there any questions you’d like to ask? 各位想要提出什麼問題嗎?

3.    I would like to start our Q&A session. 現在開始進入提問時間

4.    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

5.    I’d now be happy to answer any of your questions.

6.    I see that we have a few minutes remaining on the program.? I welcome your comments or suggestions.

※  回覆問題

1.     Thank you for asking that question. I am sure many people have the same question. 謝謝你提了這個問題,我很確定在場很多人也有這個疑問。

2.    That’s a good question. Thank you for bringing that point up. 謝謝你提供那個觀點
* Bring something up 提出某件事情

3.     I’m very glad you asked that. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear when… 我很高興你問到那件事情,或許在…的時候我沒有表達得很清楚

※  確認觀眾是否了解你的回答

1.     Does that answer your question? 有回答到你的問題嗎?

2.    Did I answer your question clearly? 我有清楚地回答到你的問題嗎?

(參考資料:  超實用懶人包!從開場到結尾,「英文簡報」說這幾句話就對了、




影片一:【職場的進擊】向賈伯斯學習高超的簡報技巧 (Present Like Steve Jobs)


1.     Simple Headings:用一句簡單的標題語來引出今日主題

2.     Clear Theme:有個明確的大標題, 讓你的主題清楚且貫穿全場

3.     Provide the Outline:提供一個很明確的大綱提要 ,讓你的聽眾很輕易的連貫你講的內容

4.    Wow your Audience:使用很強烈、誇示的詞語讓你的聽眾感到驚訝,覺得驚喜!

5.     Make Numbers Talk:提出統計數據,想辦法讓你的數字都富有意義

6.     Make it Visual:投影片要簡單又富有視覺效果

7.      Practice, Practice, Practice!:練習、練習、再練習!

8.      Powerful Ending:讓你的聽眾帶著額外的驚喜離開!

影片二、How to give a presentation in English


Use simple language

Speak slowly

Edit visuals

Use more verbs

Use active verbs

Work with a trainer

Use transition words (承接詞)

Write numbers


Don’t use abbreviations(縮寫:簡寫)

Avoid jargon(行話:難以理解的術語)

Avoid slang (俚語)